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We have been “into” narrowboats now since 1999, after a ten day cruise on a rented 72ft narrowboat. We got round the four counties ring on that holiday and have been hooked ever since!

We then bought our own boat - “Adia”, a 40ft Springer manufactured in 1974. We did quite a bit of refurbishing, then my wife and I had our honeymoon on her, our wedding reception was at “The Boat Inn” at Stoke Bruerne with Adia moored outside, we managed to stagger onboard after the reception without falling in the canal, then went off on our honeymoon the next morning.

Our second boat was Morpheus, after we sold our Internet company, we designed the layout and had her built by Weltonfield boat builders. We then took a two year sabattical, living aboard and cruising the waterways of the UK - we had a fantastic time!

Unfortunately, real life intervened and we had to stop living aboard: Our daughter was coming up on 3yrs old and needed to start pre-school, and we needed to earn a living! The plan was only ever to live aboard for a couple of years, however much we would have liked to stay on.

Now we find ourselves back in the rat race and working all the hours again - we own and run several small businesses, this shared boat ownership scheme being one of them.

Morpheus is a lovely boat, she cost nearly £120,000 by the time we'd finished adding all those “little extras” and she sat unused for the majority of the year - such a waste! We didn't want to sell her, but we didn't want her to sit unused for the majority of the year either. Renting her out was a none starter with the cost of insurance nowadays!

So that's when we came up with this idea - we can sell shares in her, other like minded folk can buy a portion of her and she will hopefully be used and loved for most of the year.

Our long term plan is to use the money we make from selling the shares to buy another boat, perhaps on the Norfolk Broads, then sell shares in that one as well, and so on - hopefully building up a small fleet of boats.

The idea being that anyone who owns a share in any of the boats can swap weeks with any other member of the scheme, this means you can have a different holiday each year if you want.

We also encourage weekend jaunts, so you can, via this website, swap weekends with anyone else on the scheme if you fancy a weekend away. If you fancy several weekends away, you can request time from other peoples slots and if they are willing, all you do is pay them the portion of their annual maintenance fees for the period you use the boat over and above your own allocation.

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